Verenaisi Salabula

"Leonora is approachable and I felt at ease talking with her about my business goals. 

I found accountability to be most useful and also gaining clarity, as I lacked focus.

She provided some invaluable insight regarding my website and provided useful resources and tips to keep me on track, and develop my business further based on customer feedback and but also undertake future collaborative projects to diversify my business.

It's like she knew exactly what I wanted! She is efficient, easy to work with and can meet deadlines.

She is amazing and recommend her to everyone."

Vere is the owner of Tavola's World of Books, specialising in personalised children's books. 


Audrey Hicks

"So much seemed to be happening at once and I was becoming too exhausted and losing the zeal and passion for the work I hold closely to heart. I decided to hire Leonora as a business coach mostly for accountability but I got so much more. 

Working with her gave me a lot more clarity about where I wanted to see my business, short and long term. We worked on realistic goals to build a routine and stay consistent. 

I'm most appreciative of the fact that I now have a business portfolio and plan that she correlated and I can use it to grow my business and find investors when needed. 

She is also so easy to talk to and if you're lucky to be close enough to do face to face sessions she cooks and bakes amazing food."

Audrey is an Integrative Health Coach.


Mita Koroikata

"My goal was to focus on my career, growth, and the possibilities.
Working with Leonora and having her as my coach was life changing.

I was comfortable with where I was that I was limiting myself, the
possibilities etc.


Having her as my coach, I started to steer away from a state of feeling grateful and comfortable to growing and being more confident to get what I deserved. I achieved my goals & then

Check out her full story in my blog, titled - Mita's Coaching Story. And her full testimonial here.