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The story behind the logo and brand...

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

When I started this journey, I learned a lot about business but also about myself. I wanted to keep my personal and professional life separate, because I am ultimately a private person. In the workplace, this is possible to do anyway. But when you are your business, it gets tiring trying to separate the two and also so complicated as the internalisation process is overwhelming. So after much kicking against the goads, I finally accepted that advice given to me by a social media coach - YOU are your brand.

And so it has been a journey of self discovery. Knowing who I am in this process is key. Social media is a powerful platform but I don't want to lose my self or identity in it and want to use it for good. To reflect my faith and boldness, I am empowered to serve and be the change I want to see around me. It was at this point, I reached out to a coach who was spiritually-led to guide me. She asked me a profound question, what should your audience or client base expect from you? Authenticity, not perfection but a work in progress. Professionalism. Encouragement. Consistency. Boldness. I'm willing to be vulnerable and strong. I will stumble and make mistakes but I am also willing to learn and not quit. My God is faithful.

Following those powerful discussions, I sought the help of a graphic designer. She was so helpful and patient, and delivered on the vision I had for my logo brand, it had to be simple, sophisticated and smart (like me ;)).

The golden circle represented the sun, a glorious light. My name Leonora means God is my light, so it was imperative that this would be a significant part of my logo. It embodies what my coaching services offer.

My coaching services offer a new perspective in a new light, i.e. shining a light into a stagnant situation, highlighting strengths and solutions and providing a wider or enhanced view of possibilities and opportunities which might have been otherwise, missed. God’s light guides me, and it’s because of His Light and Love in my life, I am able to reflect that in my coaching and encompasses my WHY I went into coaching in the first place. It communicates my values and mission.

The coconut leaves represent my humble beginnings, and where I come from - the South Pacific, Fiji Islands. Coconut leaves are versatile, used for weaving baskets for storage, thatching roofs for shelter and hand fans for keeping cool. It aligns with my vision, to be useful and practical in this day and age, it represents my identity and audience.

Last but not least, I proudly display my name in the middle, because that's where I belong and feel the most safe, being close to the source of life and light - I will not grow weary doing good. I chose Emitha script font because it closely resembles my handwriting. Sometimes illegible and yet playful, flamboyant! And the colour palette....the turquoise colour represents the stunning lagoon in Oinafa, Rotuma Island, my mother's village (pictured below). And the colour yellow is a popular colour in my father's village of Saolei, there is a joke behind it which I can't recall. Nonetheless, yellow or gold represent light!

This experience has been enlightening and so empowering. I am excited for the future. And feel so blessed to conclude 2020 on a high especially on the work front, knowing that I have come a long way and there's much more to look forward to. And I am not alone on this journey. God is my light.

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