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My NEW JOB reflections

As some of you know I started a new role in recruitment (initially it was a temp contract that turned into a permanent role). It seemed like a natural progression for my coaching career.

Recently, at work, we had to share our own experiences as part of an employee survey. I thought it was a good reflection piece for my blog.

For those of you who are reading this, use it as an opportunity to reflect on your role (and insert your company name) and to discover how you feel about your career, is it on the right track and does it line up with your core values and aspirations? Does your work, work for you?

If you were at a family BBQ and someone asked you what its like to work at *insert company name*, what would you say?

To be honest, the fact that I can switch off from work (mentally) when I switch off my laptop at the end of the day is a highlight. Its not stressful and the work is reasonably challenging, there is a lot to learn and so many ways to develop professionally and personally.

It really comes down to individual experiences, capabilities, preferences, personalities and aspirations. The deciding factor for me is that the role has to work for me, and not the other way round. And I shall elaborate on this next.

Why did you join *insert company name*?

Being able to work from home was a huge bonus for me, the team were really welcoming, the onboarding was relatively straightforward, the training and development opportunities also contributed to my decision to join *insert company name*. First impressions matter!

On a professional level, I also wanted to be better equipped and informed regarding recruitment as I have learned that the job market is changing rapidly and 'you don't know, what you don't know' is not going to get your far. Having that foresight and knowledge will position me for my career aspirations in developing others and helping them towards their career goals. It's a win win situation.

Is there anything else you think we should know when thinking about how to 'sell' careers at *insert company name* to potential candidates? 


It really depends where they are in their careers, or what they are looking for. Are they seeking meaningful work, challenging work that drives performance, or looking for a role where they want to feel appreciated? I believe at *insert company name* my role delivers these and more. You have to know who you are before you know what you want. Otherwise work becomes work! Here is where coaching and mentoring can be helpful. :)


How would you describe what you do in your role in a way anyone could understand?

It has challenged me to take initiative because it was a career change, a ‘sideways move’, to learn a lot about recruitment, to be proud and passionate about what I do, to be an ambassador of the brand and also, the client - one of MOD's biggest partners. I am that front-facing customer service rep, initiating their candidate experience, ensuring that expectations are exceeded but also they are empowered in their career goals. A typical day is different for everyone. I love that we have some control over how we organize our schedules and work. I enjoy talking to candidates, and learning more about the client and recruitment.


Thinking in terms of the career opportunities in the local area where you live, what makes your role special or unique?

The fact that it is 100% remote is why I would chose it above any others. The client, level of autonomy and the support available in this role is what sets it apart.


How would you describe how your team contributes to the wider objectives of *insert company name*?

When we work together, we are able to do better and more to achieve the wider objectives of *insert company name*. I know that my role is equally as important as my team members', we all have a part to play. I have a lot to learn, being new to this career and I have to be patient in this process, I will not learn and master the role overnight. I just have to keep moving forward, taking those big small steps each day. We all do. And the distance covered will be huge.


How would you describe the management and leadership within your team?

The leaders within my team have been instrumental in supporting me in this new career. Having been through the journey themselves, they can relate and share so much knowledge with us to help us get started to increase our knowledge, our confidence and our contribution to the organization's objectives but also to deliver an exceptional service to our client.



Company values and culture is important. Leadership equally so. Diversity and inclusion, for sure. Learning and development is also important. Hybrid and flexible working is now an option. The workplace is evolving and no better time to embrace it.

Thank you for reading.


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