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My Life List

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

A little preview of my life and who I am, at this point in time with over 40 years of life experience behind me. Its intended to give you an opportunity to get to know me. And maybe start a conversation around what our own life list looks like and how we can start to do more of what we like, have been putting off or want to start doing, etc etc. They say you only live once (YOLO) but actually, we live every day but we die once!

So here goes:

1. I like to spend my morning seeking God before starting my day, meditating on His word and renewing my mind daily.

2. I like adventure, challenging myself to try new experiences and living out of my comfort zone. I trekked to amazing new heights, run distances I never imagined I could cover, and walked for hours in the most captivating natural surroundings.

3. I like sunsets and coastline views. I can marvel at the peace it brings. And how small and simple I am in comparison to its magnificent glory.

4. I like nature walks and hikes. God’s creation is breathtaking and my lungs appreciate the fresh air it gets.

5. I like to cozy up with Eddie, sitting in silence, watching a movie or unwinding with our day’s updates. It’s the perfect way to end my day.

6. I like hugs, to be embraced and to embrace another human being brings connection and contentment. I am very affectionate and I adore the sense of touch above all senses.

7. I like to listen to my son share his insights, concerns and ideas. He values my feedback and encouragement. His face lights up when he is excitedly sharing and it warms my soul.

8. I like to watch him grow into his own personality and strength, unreservedly himself in every moment. It’s a privilege I honor greatly.

9. I like to travel. I love to travel to new places as much as I love to visit a new city and country, every year. Fiji is my favourite holiday destination. Scotland is my second favourite place to visit.I would like to travel to South America, South East Asia and South Africa, Nepal and India at some point in the future. God willing.

10. I like to people watch whilst waiting at a bus stop or train station or airport. Its better than reality TV and you catch a glimpse of something familiar in their hurriedness or expressions.

11. I like watching movies, mainly true story ones that are inspiring and relatable. And faith-based movies like Passion, Do You Believe and A Case for Christ.

12. I like the smell and feel of fresh linen after a long day, and getting into bed, it is a feeling of pure luxury.

13. I like to have a good laugh, as often as I can; it’s when my soul is its happiest. Its one of my best qualities, my sense of humour.

14. I like the sound of crashing waves or the ebb and flow of tides. It soothes my soul, reminding me that life is constantly moving to a familiar rhythm.

15. I like to hum, praise and worship songs. Also uplifts my soul. Removes me from the mundane moment. I can’t carry a tune, so humming works for me.

16. I like autobiographies of empowering women’s stories, their triumph over tribulation. Their determination to change the narrative and make an impact. I draw strength from their resolve, and desire to pay it forward.

17. I like authentic exchanges, it speaks to the empath and introvert in me. I love deep and meaningful conversations, about life and womanhood, feelings and hope, faith and overcoming adversity. Every connection and conversation, has meaning and value to me, nothing is random or coincidence.

18. I like quotes from famous people who speak from their experience to empower others in any given situation. Scripture from the Bible also offers timeless truths that can be applied in every season of life.

19. I love cats. I prefer cats to dogs. Cats don’t need to be taught new tricks or to be anyone’s best friend. They love who they are and that is enough. They also love to slumber, one of my favorite things to do. They love to snuggle up and to be stroked. What is not to adore about them?

20. I like to wear flowers in my hair; the vibrant colors and fresh smell is exotic, unique to the South Pacific culture and female beauty.

21. I like comfort above everything, and this is reflected in my fashion sense. My minimalist style is white, black, grey and nude with occasional accents of navy, rose pink, coral or emerald green.

22. I like spicy food and seafood. I love Korean BBQ and Indian curries. I love seafood dishes from Fiji, kokoda (raw fish in coconut milk).

23. I like to write, I am most expressive in my writing than any other form of communication. I enjoyed writing letters and kept a diary during most of my childhood. I use my writing skills to give feedback to clients, to communicate with my audience and to share my personal life using emotive and clear language.

24. I like to dance. I find dancing so therapeutic and literally, dance like nobody’s watching. It’s expressive and in a sense, demonstrates letting go and enjoying the moment without any care or worry.

25. I like my own company, most of the time. This has to do with my introvert personality. I am quite reflective. I am able to work in a team or with others, but I produce my best work on my own. I have my process.

26. I like where I am right now in my life. Especially, where I stand with God and I am blessed to have an incredible sense of peace and harmony in my life now. I am really just starting out on a new journey, but everything else that really matters in my life is in a perfect balance.

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27. I like serving others with what I have been blessed with - my spiritual gifts, my life experiences, my knowledge or skills and my personal qualities.

28. I like the simple things in life. Not because I am simple-minded. I merely slowed down and started to appreciate what surrounded me daily and brought so much joy and hope to live for. 'The greatest wealth is to live content with little’ - Plato.

29. I like the woman I am becoming. I am not perfect, I have stumbled numerous times. I have made ***loads of mistakes and regrets. But I am stronger than my failures, saved by His amazing grace more times than I can count and living a life of purpose one day at a time.

30. I like that you have read every single point. And started thinking about what makes you, you. It takes time but it is well worth it.

Leonora x

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