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How NOT To Write A Book

Writing a book? You ask. I know, right?! I reply. I can hardly believe it myself!

Well, let me start by saying that I used to think that writing a book was reserved for gifted story tellers with a flair for stringing words and eloquent descriptions to create a powerful storyline that stirs readers' hearts, and draws them into a magical place where the author captures their hearts and imaginations for a brief moment, and a world of possibilities open up! Undoubtedly, this requires a high calibre of talent and passion to produce any fine written work.

I enjoyed reading from a young age, and for a young reader myself, the stories were filled with adventure and so much fun. It was literally a form of escapism from my small life. As I grew older, I gravitated towards non-fiction books, particularly around strong women overcoming adversity. And I gained lots of inspiration from their stories. I love real life stories because it offered an insight into someone's life, their humbling beginnings, their journeys and dreams are often, no different to mine. The twists and plots are dependent on the decisions made along the way, and this is totally relatable. It definitely gives you something to think about.

Now, at this point in my life, I feel that I have the time and space to attempt to write my story. There have been many ideas thrown around and it wasn't until this year, that it became clearer to me what I should actually write about. It was a struggle to gain that clarity but only because my intentions were not right. I thank God for His guiding wisdom. There's a sense of peace when the vision is established because I believe everything else falls into place when everything comes into focus and your process begins.

I'm using my blog to capture that journey, as a resource for future writers but a constant reminder to me as I embark on this new experience. And also to remain accountable and authentic in the process, to myself and my Creator.

  1. Don't be burdened by the enormity of the task. It is not entirely impossible to accomplish. That's the beauty of living in this day and age. Tons of resources available. Lots of inspiration to draw from.

  2. Don't forget WHY you're writing it or telling your story. Write it down as early as possible and always refer to it often. It can be a statement or a list, elaborate or clearly defined. Keep it visible and simple.

  3. Don't rush the process. Without the process you miss the whole entire experience. And you won't appreciate the finished work. It will be a hate or love relationship but it will not break you. You know that saying, all good things take time.

  4. Don't start without a plan. Set up a realistic timeframe and assign manageable goals. Don't over plan. And definitely, don't procrastinate on your plan. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. (Benjamin Franklin).

  5. Don't try it on your own. Find a support group of like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey. They can offer invaluable advice and tips, free of charge! You take comfort knowing that you are not alone and a burden shared, is a burden halved.

  6. Don't strive for perfection. Or caught up in the small stuff. It will take away from an enjoyable experience. Start with the intention to learn from this experience and gratitude for the opportunity to write your story.

  7. Don't lose yourself in this process. Steward your gifts wisely and with humility.You don't know it all and you never will. This could potentially lead to complacency.

  8. Don't write about something you don't know about. Keep it real and genuine. You're not writing someone else's version of your story or an expert on life. Refer to your WHY.

  9. Don't forget to give credit where credit is due. It is your heart's desire to put together a compelling story of your life but always give back the glory to God every step of the way. And extend grace and gratitude to everyone who journeyed with you.

  10. Don't mess this up! A lot is riding on this. God's got you.

Grateful and blessed to step into this new space. Share any ideas or feedback here. Thank you for taking the time to grace my webpage with your presence.

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