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2020 Reflections - Staying Home & More...

The year 2020 will be in our hearts forever. For me, 2020 was the year I stayed home and my best life unfolded.

Its true what they say about how crisis brings clarity. In the midst of a crisis, I gained so much clarity.

Here’s my 20 takeaways (in no particular order):

  1. Homeschooling was a tick off my bucket list of 'I wonder what it would be like...'. It turned out that Ethan and I work well together, we both don't require a lot of supervision!

  2. It was the year I felt a new sense of contentment and peace at home. The option to travel was out of the question so it was another tick of my bucket list of being a homemaker and I gained a wider appreciation for stay-at-home mothers.

  3. I had the most enriching authentic conversations with people whom I met for the first time virtually. This pandemic opened doors in new and unexpected ways. I hope to meet some of them some day in person.

  4. Creativity and innovative levels rose as a new wave of solo-preneurs entered the marketplace to showcase their resourcefulness and flair for business capitalising on culture and arts. Minority ethnic migrant business women are on the rise.

  5. I remember this conversation early on in the year prior to lockdown, if everything that mattered to you was taken away, e.g. your job, security & income - what would remain? This year tested my faith even in mustard seed form.

  6. After coming to terms with loss, both personal and professionally, I discovered that I had nothing left to lose. And walking with God made all the difference.

  7. I had no idea what 2020 held for me. I thought I'd be doing more of the same thing. But it turned out that the old was done away with and God was about to do a new thing in me.

  8. I made Eddie's favourite pineapple pie for the first time and mastered it. After 15 years of marriage. I didn't really try to until this year. I had the time and inner peace to really try! Hence explains why I baked more in 2020 than any other year!

  9. I overcame so many fears, in big and small ways. I credit that to my part-time care work that brought me out of my comfort zone. But also to my coaching clients for trusting me and meeting me half way in their journey.

  10. I found my voice. And started using it with boldness. Not because I loved the sound of my voice but because I wanted to share my passion and tell my story in a way that scares me but grows me too.

  11. I truly believe that empowered people, empower others. I witnessed empowerment soar in our community of women. Women helping women, standing in the gap. It remains a recurring theme for the decade.

  12. I realised that I don't miss the traditional workplace after all. I made the most of each work opportunity but I love the freedom to pursue my own path. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  13. 'Anything is possible' is not so cliche anymore. Literally speaking, we are in perilous times and chaos is a new normal. But, God is at work and through Him all things are possible. Phil 4:13.

  14. We are making history, we should be documenting our 2020 experiences so that our stories will become our legacy and will be told for generations to come.

  15. I don’t think we will revert back to normal instead we will take what we learned and shape a new era, in terms of ways of working, doing business, learning and community organising.

  16. Our beloved pet cat died during the summer holidays. She was my son’s pet and he doted on her more than us! Pets can bring out compassion and kindness in children.

  17. There's a saying, 'If you want to make the world a better place, go home and make your family happy' which is reminder that it all starts at home and is true for my own coaching journey, made possible with the opportunity this pandemic presented. I was able to coach my son through the lockdown and his mock exam prep, I was more effective as a coach than a mother!

  18. Becoming a coach was a game changer. I had to shift the focus from myself and redefining success as bearing much fruit and sowing wisely. Thank God I am still teachable.

  19. Letting go was a huge learning curve for me. Letting go of the past, relationships and situations that hindered my growth was a painful process (related to point 5).

  20. All glory to God. For bringing us through 2020! Not only showing us what really matters but He is in control.

So dear friends, what did 2020 mean for you? Thank you for reading.

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