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Mita's Full Testimonial

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Question 1.  In terms of career coaching, what was your goal and was it achieved?

My goal was to focus on my career, growth, and the possibilities. Working with Leonora and having her as my coach was life changing. I was comfortable with where I was that I was limiting myself, the possibilities etc. Having her as my coach, I started to steer away from a state of feeling grateful and comfortable to growing and being more confident to get what I deserved. I achieved my goals & then some.


Question 2.  What did I do that was most useful for you?

Everything, from the sessions and making sure I had action points to take away. Also never making me feel like I was wrong in whatever I did and just being so encouraging and understanding. You knew my limits, so understanding your clients showed me that you cared. You became so approachable that I could share my achievements, stress and everything with you. Your help, guidance, enthusiasm, knowledge, positive and energetic attitude is the reason your such a great career’s coach


Question 3.  What did you learn or acquire from this coaching experience about yourself?

My confidence and assertiveness is something I saw ignited in my career journey. I have a much better understanding of my own skills and abilities as well as a plan in short, medium, and longer terms. I was able to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses and work on them.


Question 4.  Did coaching meet your expectations?

More than I had anticipated. I went from working as a Sales & Retention advisor in one section of the business to being a Trainer for the company in the business’s training wing. I am in a position I never thought someone like myself would ever get so I never thought to aspire to it until you made it a normality for me. I could achieve anything and more.


Question 5.  What is one takeaway you have gained from this coaching experience or you will continue to apply after the coaching has ended? 

More self-awareness checks and to keep growing. Never limit myself and feel as if I am not entitled to better or bigger roles. Being grateful should not restrict me from my aspirations


Question 6.  What didn’t work for you and why?

The timings of our meetings, sometimes I got so busy, or things would come up out of the blue, however, Leonora was always so understanding, and we would reschedule


Question 7.  Would you recommend my career coaching services and why?

YES, YES YES. I have been living in the UK for 5 years and I’ve been working for 5 years too. I work in Insurance, and I would’ve never taken the next step in my career if I didn’t have a coach to tell me that I could do more. I thought I was ok and that it was ok to be where I was especially since I was ‘fresh of the boat’ when I started working. I came into this thinking I didn’t need anything or maybe to spruce up my CV, but I gained more than ever. I so grateful to God for bringing Leonora into my life and helping me to see things in a different perspective


Question 8.  Do you have any suggestions or advice for me to take on board to improve my service delivery?

Continue to be you! Your humbleness and your gift of coaching is amazing. You have so many God-given skills so please continue to be that vessel. I would love to see an App in the future for reminders or actions with your clients to take on.


Question 9.  If you could do it all over again, what would you change and why?

Nothing! I wish I met you earlier LOL

To read Mita's coaching story in full, head to the blog by clicking on the link below.

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