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Alana's Full Testimonial

Describe your situation prior to coaching and what led you to coaching.
I literally saw my situation as “damn I’m going to be here forever, nothings changing for me nothing is working”. I was feeling frustrated and stuck about my future career. I had to ask the question ‘why am I not where I want to be?’ And the answer was simply me. I was stopping myself from achieving my goals, and I had to take that ultimate accountability and responsibility. I had realised that the longer I had blamed circumstances, people, or current situations, the longer I was put in a position of not achieving my dreams and goals. Ultimately, we are responsible for our dreams and goals, nobody else. This led me to coaching as I believed it would help me take that step towards the future I want.

What were your objectives?
My main objective was for this coaching to help me bring out my greatest strengths and for me to really tap into my passions to figure out what I really want. I wanted to fulfil my true potential and prove myself of what I am capable of. I wanted to LEVEL UP and land a job I would love and that I’m able to use my skills in. Growing my confidence, time-management, and overall self-esteem was key for me to achieve throughout this coaching. 

What are the key lessons you take away from your coaching programme?
TRUST THE PROCESS. This was an opportunity I couldn’t just throw away, when I took time out of my day to do homework, I really got a lot for what I put in. I think failure and success both have a lot to teach us, when we do fail and we tried, that’s not an invitation to stop trying, failure is an invitation to try again but this time a different way, a new approach, a new mindset, a different outlook. This coaching programme has redirected me, I just had to believe in myself and have confidence. At this moment I’m still learning to adapt and I creating myself a new mentality which will guide my habit and build my character. 

Do you have any advice to young people?
Take every opportunity that comes to you. There is so much to learn and skills to develop. 
Believe in yourself and be confident in everything you do. Something important that I’ve realised over the past month is that people really do judge you but then forget and start judging someone else straight after. Even so they probably have so much going on in their life that they most probably don’t have time to be observing what someone else is doing. If you’re constantly thinking about what other people think of you then you’re really missing out on what life has to offer.  

Show gratitude and be grateful for what you have.  

If you want to do it, do it and go after it and stop waiting for more, because you not being the richest, not having the best network, the deepest understanding, the best equipment is a limitation you set on yourself, no one is stopping you but yourself. Believe in yourself and don’t wait for others to validate you or approve your dreams and goals.  


A few sayings that have helped me through my journey. 

‘When one door closes, another one opens.’ 
‘What goes down, must come back up.’ 
You’re unstoppable and this is not the end of your story! YOU GOT THIS! 

Thank you for reading!

To read Alana's coaching story in full, head to the blog by clicking on the link below.

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