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My Background

To a certain extent I have coached and mentored during the course of my journey. I have sown seeds and have witnessed change happen. I have done this on a personal level but in a professional setting also. Its turning those authentic 'supportive' conversations, growing confidence and effective change into something bigger than me. 


In terms of career experience, I have worked as a tutor and learning support advisor in adult education provision where I gained an adult teaching qualification. I moved on to work as a volunteer trainer in a UK family support charity called Home-Start, I delivered a 12 session training package to equip volunteers to support families in need of our service. During that time, I successfully completed my Masters degree in Development Management with the Open University. My dissertation was centred around the themes of empowering women and capacity building for sustainable development.


Amartya Sen quoted these powerful words - ‘Poverty is the deprivation of opportunity’. Living here in the UK has given our Pacific Island people a life of opportunity and a way out of poverty. However, as a community we are living within our comfort zones and limiting our potential to reach new heights or stretch ourselves to experience a fuller meaningful life. As a collective, we are empowered to go further and we can achieve so much together.

I believe this is an untapped area i.e building capacity through knowledge sharing which is achievable through coaching, mentoring and networking.  With the current state of the global economy, the community is perfectly positioned to leverage their current skills and experiences to go to the next level. As a female coach from a minority ethnic background and a migrant, I am familiar with the socio-economic barriers that exist and I also know that we can accomplish so much together. I want to be the change I wish to see in our homes and communities. And I will seize every opportunity to shine a light of hope to show the way, helping to share our stories and lighten our burdens.

I am married to Edward Sinclair, we have a teenage son and live in Tidworth, Wiltshire UK. My husband and I are from Fiji, I am full Rotuman and a born again Christian. I am a volunteer coach for Recruit for Spouses Career Academy and a Marama Alliance UK Committee member.

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