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My Story

Faith Plants the Seed, Love Makes it Grow

2020 has been the year where I have seen the biggest transformation in my life. I didn't know it at the time but when I walked away from a well paid job in February, to take a break and heal my soul, I had no idea that a pandemic was about to shake things up in a profound way.


I did a lot of soul searching and seeking God during that time. Let's face it, we had the time! The impression He left on my heart reaffirmed my new purpose and a new direction. I have been blessed with a good life, most of what I wanted to achieve in life had come to fruition. Yet I knew I hadn't even scratched the surface of what God had intended for my life!

"For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required." (Luke 12:48). Yes,


Reflecting upon my CV, I discovered that there was a wealth of knowledge gained over the years. The roles that I was really proud of were the ones where I was enabling someone to reach their goals. My CV didn't really paint that full picture of who I was, it definitely highlighted the skills and competencies I developed in my career. But the most meaningful experiences and personal insights in my career actually positioned me for what God was calling me to do next.

It was not a smooth transition, which is expected when embarking on something extremely exciting and equally scary. There is the self doubt, fear of inadequacies and judgement, and even imposter syndrome thinking. Holding onto my mustard seed faith. I took intentional steps and started laying the ground work for my calling. I discovered I had a lot of hidden talents or qualities that got soaked up in the mundane working life. There was a lot of 'not knowing', knowledge that I didn't have yet, which was a good starting point for me, because I needed humility to grow. I strongly believe that God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called!


I am still a work in progress, I feel this helps my clients because there is no end to what we can achieve. Education is a lifelong learning process. Perfection is an unrealistic ideal, I keep it real and simple, in the way I live my life and largely influences how I coach my clients.


So here I am, unapologetically me, authentic and genuine in my desire to help you reach your God-given potential. We all have what it takes to impact and change our workplace, communities and families. We all possess a great hunger within that is increasingly stifled by the little hungers that require our immediate attention. We still have time to feed that great hunger within and turn it into a life of purpose and joy.


So how can I help? I offer robust constructive help through person-centred tailored support based on a nurturing, trustworthy and confidential client-coach relationship that honours and respects your dreams and goals, to the point of making it a reality.


So what am I offering? My qualities lie in my emotional intelligence, intuition and active listening skills and years of personal life experiences in multi-faceted career roles, in the UK and abroad. I have a genuine heart for my calling and empowering you, and you will have to be bold enough to step out of your comfort zone to find out for yourself.


Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope there were some 'takeaway' messages that resonated deeply with you, share the love and spread the word.


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