My name is Leonora and I am excited to be sharing my coaching journey with you. Its been my deepest desire to pursue whole-heartedly my passion to help others find their way, to thrive and be visible. It has taken divine intervention, lots of patience and small intentional steps to leap into making my dream a reality. 

As a child, we are asked quite often, what do you want to be when you grow up? We are encouraged to dream big, the world is our oyster. Our aspirations are passed on to our children or ignored as we grow up. But if we dare to dream big again, we should ask ourselves a slightly reframed question, what fills your heart with immense joy? A calling is not just a job or livelihood, but so much more. I want to help you discover yours.

Whether you need to transition into a new career, revive your current career, or explore career opportunities - I can help you. 

Life’s demands or making a life changing decision is overwhelming, my services aim to introduce clarity and a growth mindset. I also share techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life.

You're always one decision away from a different life. Choose wisely.

Leonora x 


“Be obsessed with your own potential.”


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